December 8, 2009

Tales from Undergrads, Part 3


Sorry I have been posting Brackchips-style over the past month or so. The holidays had me traveling a bunch, and I've been busy with school without much time for poker or blogging. I will put up a big post later, but I just have to share with you this email exchange I had with an undergrad, which I am reporting here verbatim except for where I turned some stuff into *** to protect privacy.

Email 1:

From: hempinaintez@******.***
To: bruechips
Time: Saturday, 2 pm


I noticed that the practice finals say a two sided cheat sheet is allowed. Are we allowed to bring a cheat sheet to the final?

Chris *****

(Sunday afternoon, I forward this to the professor to ask, he says yes, then I write back to the student:)

Email 2:

From: bruechips
To: hempinaintez@******.***
Time: Sunday, 6 pm

Yes, cheat sheets are allowed.

Email 3:

From: hempinaintez@********.***
To: bruechips
Time: Monday, 7 am

Wow, if I could I would give u the shittiest TA evaluation, u rele dropped the ball. I moved all day sunday, that's y I emailed u friday....... Thanks for nothing, I thought u were supposed to be helpfull .

Email 4:

From: bruechips
To: hempinaintez@*****.***
Time: Monday, 8:30 am

The time stamp on your email is from Saturday. Maybe on Friday you were hempin'? I hear that's not easy.

Email 5:

From: hempinaintez@******.***
To: bruechips
Time: Monday, 9 pm

Are we reading the same email? U sent it to him on sunday to ask I can see that email, and then u try to lie! Don't sit here and make me look stupid.

Email 6:

From: bruechips
To: hempinaintez@********.***
Time: Monday, 10 pm


By "your email," I meant the first email you sent to me, which I received on Saturday, not Friday as your second email claimed. I then emailed you back on Sunday, about 28 hours later. If you feel this constitutes dereliction of my duties as a TA, you are free to complain to Professor ****** or to the Vice Chair of Undergraduate Studies. I'd advise you to spell out the second person singular pronoun and use a different email if you want your complaint to be taken seriously.